Rules & Recommendations


- BRING CASH (Mexican Dollars only, the closest ATM is 45 min away at the village of “San Antonio de Las Alazanas” aka Safest Place on Earth.)

As you've already heard, there's lots delicious options of them munchies and for every taste. By the way, drinks and food are on very accessible prices, but CASH only :)

- Mountain weather is tricky, bring cali outfit for the day, European tune up for the evenings and Canadian extra for them chilly willy nights

- Sun block and big “sombreros” are always a win

- Sunglasses it’s a must

- Bring your camera, rumors has it there are some mezcal involved contests…

- First Aid kit and insurance are never a bad idea

- Some of the cabins and hostels are not Holiday Inn’s precisely, you should always
consider bringing a sleeping bag, clean towel and you basic grooming tools…

- Ya'll dirty birds already, you don’t need any more tips… if you have some questions write us at


- At the fancy pants hotel “Bosques de Monterreal” they take all types of credit cards and serve delicious meals at the restaurant.

- All the area is mosquito free (…watch out for bears though)

- On one side of the mountain there's 3G, on the other side there's no network… so it may be a little hard instagramming your breakfast

- More good news to come soon… there’s so many! Stay tuned…

IMPORTANT MLF2013 is taking place in the “Sierra de Arteaga National Park”, the conservation of the site is of the upmost importance in order for it to be enjoyed by future generations.

Here is a set of guidelines that we need to follow to be able to enjoy the event to the max, besides nobody want to f*** around Machete right! so…

• NO FIRES by any reason
• No weapons of any nature.
• No drugs
• Do not steal
• Respect the natural environment of the site and keep it clean.
• Camp at the exclusive areas only
• Don’t use the woods as a WC
• No feeding local fauna
• Dispose of rubbish in the waste containers provided
• Don’t do any unauthorized propaganda
• Don’t Do anything you wouldn’t do in your home
• Good vibes and positive attitude compulsory
*Any person surprised breaking theses simple rules will be notified and processed by the local authorities. In the case of the riders, that can result in your disqualification from MLF2013 race.