Mountain Bike

King of the Hill

This competition is our new addition to the MLF2014 disciplines and will held over the brand new DH track. Athletes will be descending over 1km long trail starting from the top of the mountain passing thru intense natural course to finish at the edge of the small lake in Mesa de las Tablas, Coah. Its an advanced and technical route with different kind of surfaces, obstacles and amazing view at the valley of the village from where all the spectators will be able to observe this extreme race.

The constructions and mapping of the trail was designed by recognized national athletes bringing together wide variety of jumps, ramps and technical sections in order to captivate the curiosity of the Downhill lovers. The race will comprehend two main segments; Downhill racing and Best Tricks routine. During the descent, trail's speed reaches approximately 60km/h and the participants will be face a sequence of obstacles, natural and artificial ramps to demonstrate their best tricks abilities where besides speed, they also will be qualified by style, difficulty and routine execution as main judges criteria.

The ultimate winner of the competition and King of the Hill will be the athlete that registers best timing, technic and tricks over the trail. Each participant will have two rounds to prove his best timing and five hits at the slope style section to demonstrate best freestyle routine. All athletes should impact the judges and the crowd in a matter of few minutes to reach their place on the podium and become King of the Hill.



+ Info:


Friday, May 30

- Trail Overview All day
- Practice Runs All day

Saturday, May 31

- Rider's Meeting 9:00 AM
- Practice Run 9:30 AM
- DH Race Runs 11:00 AM
- Best Trick Jam 14:00 PM

- Podium Permeation 20:00 PM