What Is MLF?


As usual the MLF Music Festival 2014 is a 3 day international event that takes place in the highlands of Arteaga, Coahuila, in the northeast of México. The festival comprises a downhill skateboarding race, skateboard bowl jam, mountain bike downhill race, slacklining and of curse parties with live music from amazing groups and DJs. Without mentioning the traditional “chiquichores” contest and each sport podium ceremony.
Also, camping, cabins and other fun recreational activities, this is a weekrnd full of outdoor fun away from the urban chaos.

From the 28th to the 31st of May, we will meet in the small town of “Mesa de las Tablas” in Coahuila, which is recognized as one of the most famous and challenging sites for gravity sports in Mexico. Being the second official meeting of the IDF in Mexico it is our honor to welcome competitors from all over Mexico, United States, Canada and rest of the world.

A weekend to celebrate away from the constant barrage of emails, pollution and city stress. We will be enjoying the most beautiful landscapes, adrenaline overdoes, rad parties, and yummy regional and international cuisine.
At the same time as camping or staying in a charming alpine cabin. Best of all we will have the pleasure to live this experience together. Sharing the freshness of nature with the wonderful people that live among these beautiful mountains.

The equation is:

Music + Extreme Sports + Fun = MLF2014

Visit the other sections of our site for more details about each of the ingredients for MLF2014 secret formula. You can also download our MLF2014 Survival Guide.